KWM NEWS August 2023

Fire Drill
The Board and Management have been deliberating on possible emergency events across a multitude of
marina structures and functions. Obviously, a fire event is the most common and potent risk that a
marina must be capable of managing.

A critical mitigation task is to schedule regular fire drills. In addition to installing fire alarms and setting
out evacuation processes, Management has programmed a fire drill for 11:00am 20th September 2023.
As this drill comes closer, specific instructions will be provided.

Lithium Batteries
Lithium batteries are becoming more popular across a range of activities. There is now unassailable
evidence that these batteries can explode, especially when the charging equipment is incompatible.
Local fire authorities advise at least 3 recent Sunshine Coast house fires have started due to faulty
electrical scooter charging.

Whilst legislation/regulations are yet to be established, insurers are leading this agenda by clearly
stating that fire events caused by lithium batteries will not be covered. There is a general expectation
from industry that lithium batteries will soon be fully regulated to require collision proof compartments,
specific alternator capacity, heat diffusion capacity, charger compatibility and licensed installation to
name just a few requirements.

From the Marina’s and its Insurer’s perspective, taking early precautions seems reasonable. This means
that Management will be identifying vessels that have lithium batteries and do not have compatible
charging equipment and more importantly a certificate issued by an authorized installer. Once identified
remedial options will be considered.

Further, Management will be establishing scooter and bikes (with lithium batteries) an isolated and
dedicated charging station.

Carpark Repairs
The concrete ‘apron’ adjacent to the boatshed is now complete so water will not puddle into the
Adelong Crescent carpark. The run-off now flows to the storm water drains. The curb damage, incurred
by the rubbish and fuel trucks, has had temporary repairs completed.

A dedicated motorbike parking area next to the boatshed has also been designated, marked by
appropriate white lines.

Thank you for your patience over recent weeks while this work was completed. The apron on the canal
side of the boatshed is the next project however this will not impact the users of the carpark.

Test and Tag
The second test and tag day (Monday 21st August) was very successful. Management will be following up
on the few vessels yet to produce ‘tag’ certification.

We continue to receive ever more stringent demands from our Insurers to mitigate risks. Needless to
say, the more we adhere to these demands, the less chance of an unfortunate event, a failed claim and
of course, reduced insurance premiums.

AGM Notice
This is an early reminder of the 2023 AGM which is set down for 3:00pm Friday 1st December 2023.

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