KWM  NEWS    September 2023             

Fire Drill

As forecast last month, Management was planning a fire drill for September. The date has been moved out to 11:00am 12thOctober 2023. The following tasks have been completed:

  • A fire alarm has been installed.
  • Fire alarm (continuous) will be sounded.
  • Fire wardens have been appointed: James Freemen, Colin Plant, Peter Mackman and James Murphy (any one of these wardens will assume the Chief Warden role).
  • Wardens will have identification vests.
  • Evacuation assembly points have been addressed and signed.
  • Evacuation maps/routes established depending on fire location.

Fire drills have been sadly missing over the years. This important function will identify the areas for improvement, familiarize everyone with the process, emphasize its importance and provide confidence in the Marina’s ability to manage such events. This drill will be conducted annually.

If unable to participate on this occasion, please contact the Office to get a copy of documentation supporting the drill. 

Lithium-ion Batteries

Further to last month’s comments regarding lithium batteries, the following information is offered on lithium-ion batteries and their propensity to catching fire. Risks in lithium-ion batteries include:

  • Overcharging or use of non-compliant charging equipment
  • Overheating or exposure to heat or extreme temperatures
  • Physical abuse (dropping, crushing, piecing, vibration)
  • Short-circuiting, battery cell malfunction or system faults
  • Defects or contamination introduced during manufacture

The establishment of a Marina charging station in an appropriate location away from buildings is proving problematic. As Government regulation is well behind developments in this area and recommended industry solutions on charging locations and risk mitigation are sadly lacking.

Management has placed lithium-ion specific fire extinguishers in the laundry as an interim measure. In the meantime, members and tenants need to research this area and develop their own mitigation strategies (on-board boat batteries and scooter devices).


The difficulty in managing the Marina’s insurances from a compliance, cover effectiveness and cost perspective, is constantly under review.

There is a vast range of impacts to consider and, given the increasing litigious nature of society today, public liability cover has become a prominent part of the Marina’s insurance portfolio. Unsurprisingly, the marina environment with its inherent extra risks demands deeper and broader public liability consideration and risk mitigation.

Assisted by MOL solicitors and our Insurance Broker, Board and Management have been undertaking a review of this area, taking particular note of compliance with legislation and regulation, Head and Sublease documentation and a granular examination of current insurance policy ‘small print’.

Early indications suggest some changes may be required. Plenty of notice will be provided should any of these changes directly impact members and tenants.

Satellite Mooring

For some time, rumours have circulated that the Marina was investigating the option of a satellite mooring in the middle of the adjacent Jessica Haven ‘pond’. This would require an extension of the Head Lease to encompass more seabed. This marina extension was certainly being considered and exploratory work undertaken. It was being promoted on the basis that a ‘waiting’ mooring facility would be advantageous operationally and financially.

The first option was for two normal (2) swing moorings to be installed. After much discussion, this option was denied by the Harbour Master due to an unacceptable swing diameter which, in their view, would impede marine traffic.

The second and more expensive option of a Star or rectangular dock requiring heavy capital outlay that would cater for probably at least four boats, was dismissed as unfeasible on financial grounds.

Consequently, for the immediate future, this project has been taken off the Board’s agenda.

AGM Notice

This is a further reminder of the 2023 AGM which is set down for 3:00pm Friday 1st December 2023.


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